What’s Good in Tater Town 7/19/20

This will be part look back at good from the past week and upcoming good. It was a particularly bad week with the only good coming when I was able to be home. I get a reprieve in two days.

1. Family dinner night with our usual game of Life.

2. Food trucks at a local farmers market.

3. Local whiskey from a local farmers market.

4. Furlough meant a three day weekend.

5. I have one day of work tomorrow and then a week off.

6. A week off means a week away from people outside of my family.

7. A week off means time at a pool and having a stress free week.

8. A week off means a break from toxic people and places that are slowly killing me.

9. Baseball is returning soon.

10. I am going to take a break from news and social media as much as possible.

One more day of a possible post here and then likely a break for a week. I might post if something major happens, it that would be it.

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