Tater Talks Current Events

Before I write anything about current events I want to make sure there is no doubt on two things: 1. I believe Covid is real. I wear a mask in public and the only people I have seen in person are my family and people at work. 2. I am not a fan of Donald Trump. If the Democrats ran a potato against him I would vote for the potato. Tater for president! Now on to the random thoughts I’ve had recently

I stumbled on this article recently After severe illness, NBC’s Dr. Joseph Fair tests negative for COVID-19 antibodies and I remember when he was on air talking about his battle with coronavirus. He was ill. He was in the hospital and on oxygen. He talked about how he had been so careful and all he could come up with on how he got the virus was through his eyes on a plane. It was big news on the Today Show. Only problem? He tested negative for the virus four times and then his antibody test came back negative He was sick, but with something else. This didn’t stop him from going on TV to talk about his recovery from an illness he never had. I get that he had al the symptoms and thought it was safe to assure he had it, but I also think that someone in his position needs to be a lot more careful with his reporting. It is things like this that make it easier for people to come to the conclusion that much of this is fake. You can read this article and think that if he reported he had it when he didn’t, how many more of the reports are fake.

Another big thing in the news is the discussion about opening schools in the fall. I’m not going to give an opinion. I’m glad I don’t have to make the decision. I’m glad I don’t have any K-12 students. It’s bad enough stressing about what college will look like for my daughter. One thing I do know – Trump deciding he is going to push states to open schools does not help the matter. We are in a very divisive state right now. People have taken sides and they will dig in and refuse to agree with the other side on anything. Especially when Trump is involved. All Trump has done is guarantee that even people on the left who might have been leaning toward wanting schools to open will now dig in against him and fight against any openings. That’s just where we are now. If he had announced that schools should stay closed I would bet some of those same people would have become the loudest proponents of doing whatever it takes to open schools and the people on the right would immediately become lockdown proponents.

Masks are now a political fight. It shouldn’t be this way. We can’t recover as a country if we fight about everything. We’ve reached a point where it seems like some people are rooting for the virus and against the country. I’ve seen people comment that they hope cases go up where they live so they could never consider opening schools. They are actively rooting for more people to get sick so they get what they want. It’s insane. When the virus was ravaging New York there were people who were OK with that. It’s only hitting a city full of liberals, so it’s no big deal to them. Now that it is hitting the south  I’ve seen posts from people happy that the “red states” are doing poorly. We should not be happy that anyone is getting sick and dying. Everyone has lost their minds.

We need to take a pause and remember that we are humans first not living embodiments of our political party.

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