What’s Good in Tater Town 7/5/20

This week was a good week as I only had to work three days. Some day I will get that to zero and every week will be a better week. Here’s the good:

1. We are all still healthy.

2. The one positive of work is that I get to have in person conversations with people who don’t love with me.

3. My son came over for dinner Tuesday night

4. I had Wednesday off and did as little as possible.

5. My dentist appointment for that day was rescheduled so I did even less than originally planned.

6. It was a three day weekend.

7. All I did Friday was watch movies and TV.

8. After a little house cleaning yesterday there was more movies and TV.

9. We watched Hamilton last night.

10. Plenty of people around us did fireworks so we still got a show.

11. I have one more day off today.

12. A coffee truck is scheduled for the swim club across the street today.

It’s much easier to make a list when I am in control of my own time. It’s not hard to deduce what makes the rest of my weeks so hard.

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