My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 7/3/20

Here we are at the end of another week. This time it is the first day of my three day weekend. I can spend the day reading and watching TV so I will have new stuff to post about next week. Here is my recap of the last week:

Movies – We watched two new streaming movies this week. Netflix released Will Ferrell’s new movie Eurovision: Story of Fire Saga. Ferrell plays a man from Iceland who has been obsessed with competing in Eurovision since he saw Abba perform on it when he was a kid. Rachel Macadams plays his friend and singing partner. Circumstances give them the chance to actually go to Scotland to compete in the competition even though their audition was not very good. All three of us enjoyed it. My wife says she would have liked it more had it been anyone but Ferrell. She does not like him at all. We also watched My Spy on Prime. It stars Dave Bautista as a CIA agent who is demoted after an incident and is assigned to surveil a single mom and her daughter because they are related by her late husband to the bad guy they are tracking. The daughter discovers the cameras and blackmails Bautista into getting involved in their lives. It was a cute family movie. We all really enjoyed it. I also watched Doctor Sleep while I was off on Wednesday. I don’t really remember the book enough to say if it was a good adaptation, but I did enjoy the movie.

TV – We watched all of our regular shows: Stargirl, Snowpiercer, Yellowstone, Perry Mason. We finally finished Community. We watched come of The Floor is Lava when we didn’t want to get involved in a scripted show. We finished the Rob and Amber season of Amazing Race. I started rewatching Skins after struggling to find a show to watch alone. I only watched the first three seasons the first time, so I thought I would start again and watch the entire thing. My daughter finished rewatching Zach and Cody on Disney and has started a rewatch of Wizards of Waverly Place.

Books – I finally finished reading Let Me Lie by Clare Mackintosh. I have had this ARC for a couple of years. I finally looked through my collection of ARCs and decided to read it. It is about a young woman who is dealing with the grief of both of her parents committing suicide who then gets a card implying they it was not suicide. She goes to the police and a retired detective who is working as a civilian front desk person decides to investigate. It was not a terrible book. There were some interesting twists and I did finish. I am still in the mode of not knowing if the issue is the book or my state of mind. It might have been a little of both.

On Deck – The big thing on tap is watching the Hamilton movie. We were lucky enough to see the show on Broadway, but I’m excited to see the original cast perform. Also, we like it enough we will probably watch it multiple times. I’m not getting DVDs from the library again. I have Richard Jewell and Queen and Slim. We might watch one of them. Midway is on HBO tomorrow so that is an option. TV will likely be watching the new episodes of the shows listed above. I am reading Shatter the Sky by Rebecca Kim Wells.

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3 thoughts on “My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 7/3/20

  1. I was thinking about the Will Ferrell film today. I may watch it tomorrow. I’m not a massive fan of his either but it looks entertaining.

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      1. I confess I quite liked the ice skating film he did. I wasn’t a fan of anchorman particularly although it had some funny bits.

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