It Has Really Sucked

That’s not me in the picture. But honestly, for the better part of the last 4 months or so, it could have been. Every night around 9 pm, I sit at this exact
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The above article is from Kentucky Sports Radio. The radio show revolves around University of Kentucky sports. When there is a lull in sports, they talk about current events and their personal lives. There are no sports. Current events are all depressing and most people aren’t doing much outside of their houses.

I know how they feel. All I have is a dumb little blog and I have the same issues. Not much is going on in my personal life. I’m sure people are tired of reading about how I desperately need to quit my job. The only thing I can write about besides that is watching TV and walking the dog. Not too exciting.

Current events are all depressing.

I still have trouble focusing enough to finish most books.

As mentioned above, sports is paused.

This has all really sucked.


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