My Off-Kilter Schedule

One thing that has been thrown out of whack over the past few months has been my sleep schedule. Really, my life schedule in general. It is going to take a bit for me to readjust as we move more toward normal. I’m not sure I will even attempt to adjust until my daughter goes back to school this fall. I will just be tired until then. Here’s a look at how my life schedule has changed.


Wake up around 6am. Drink coffee and read the paper while my wife gets ready for work. After she leaves for work, get ready for work. Work 9-5 most days. Come home to an empty house. Take the dog for a walk. Watch a TV show. Cook dinner if it is my night to do so. Eat dinner when my wife gets home around 7:30. Watch TV together until we go to bed around 10-10:30pm.

Early pandemic:

Still wake up around 6am or so. Drink coffee and read the paper while my wife and daughter sleep. On the clock 9-5 while my wife works upstairs and my daughter does school in the office. Clock out at 5. Walk the dog. Watch TV with my daughter until my wife finishes work and then eat dinner around 7 or so. Watch some more TV as a family. Go to bed reasonably early since we all have to be up early for work and school.

Post-school pandemic:

Same as above except my daughter is in bed until 2pm or so instead of doing school in the office. Continue to work while she watches Grey’s in the background. After work, watch old Survivor with her until my wife is done working and we eat dinner. TV or movie as a family. Bedtime varies.

Back to work part-time schedule:

I now work in the building for 4 hours a day. Some days are morning. Some days are afternoon. On morning days, the morning routine is the same and then I go to work. I arrive home around 2 or so, eat lunch and work some more from home while my daughter watches Grey’s.  We are now watching old Amazing Race when I’m done with work. Watch Jeopardy and then a random movie or TV show as a family. Afternoon workdays, i am off the clock when I get home so we go straight to the watching TV with my kid portion of the day. I fall asleep earlier now, so most nights after I get drowsy my wife and daughter watch Disney stuff while I sleep on the couch. Eventually, I go to actual bed. That time has gotten later and later the last few days.

It will be hard to readjust to the original schedule once my daughter is back at school and whenever I am back to work on a fulltime basis. I have no idea when my wife will ever go back to the office. Normal might be a long way off.

It will be nice to have tomorrow and Friday off to try to rest up from being so tired from my off-kilter schedule. I just hope people respect my days off and I really get time say from work.

2 thoughts on “My Off-Kilter Schedule

  1. I think you have a lot in common with the majority of the population right now. Nobody’s schedule is even remotely like what it was pre-pandemic. At least your daughter can work independently for school. I have a friend who has been taking care of her two young grandsons, pretty much full time since the pandemic closed the preschool for the older one. Her daughter will have to make some decisions about how she’s going to work if the school decides to have a mix of in-person and online education. How do you have online education that’s meaningful for preschool- and elementary-aged children? Somebody has to be with them to make sure they remain focused for several hours at a stretch. My friend has already told her that she is not a teacher and cannot assume that function. I’m incredibly lucky that the only thing I’m worried about is when I can get back to my part-time job. My basic schedule hasn’t changed much at all, except that I no longer go to work two days a week. I could really use that money, since I used it to pay some of my monthly budgeted expenses. What happens if I can’t go back into a retail environment because I’m 68? I need to find another kind of work that I can do from home, but who’s going to hire a 68-year-old? Sorry, I seem to have made this all about me.

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