A Focus on the Positive

It’s Monday. The news is full of bad. I’m back to work and not thrilled about it. Here are some positive I will try to remember as I go about my week.

I only have to work three days this week.

My dentist appointment was rescheduled again so my Wednesday off will be a full day off and not a day off with a dentist appointment midday.

Hamilton comes to Disney Plus Friday and I have the day off.

I work two days, off one, work one, and then a three day weekend. I can do this.

It’s possible we will have baseball and basketball back soon.

Even before the NBA starts The Basketball Tourament starts its three on three tournament.

The Covid numbers are still trending in the right direction in Maryland.

I can at least have hope that we might have football in the fall.

If I can remember the positives, maybe I can make it through a few crappy days this week.

By the way – you can assume some of this will be in my What’s Good post this weekend. I’m sure my lack of work will be a highlight there.




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