My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 6/26/20

This week we continued our trend toward watching movies rather than TV shows when we are all done for the day. I wrote about the old movies we watched in this post so I won’t include them in this post. I find that when I am alone I struggle to find something that holds my attention. Here’s the week:

Movies – In addition to the movies in the post linked above we watched two newer movies that I can recall, both on Disney Plus. They were Onward and Stargirl. When my family said they wanted to watch Onward, I expected to spend that time reading or playing a game on my iPad. I was not excited about the movie. It turned out that I spent more time watching the movie and less time doing other things. It was much better than I was expecting. The voice cast was very good. It was funny and had a good story. I don’t know why I was surprised. I had heard good things about it. Last night we watched Stargirl. It was my pick because I loved the book. I don’t think my family liked it much. It had a good cast and was a good adaptation. It was much slower and more dramatic than my family is used to watching. I do think it could have been a little shorter, but I did like it.

TV – Since we have been in movie mode, we have not started any new TV shows. We did watch the new episode of Star Girl. We watched the season premiere of Yellowstone. We all still really like it. I lied above about new shows. We did watch the first episode of Perry Mason on HBO. It was good, but I’m not really sure why the character needed to be pre-lawyer Perry Mason. We will probably watch more. My daughter and I finished watching Survivor season 2 and then decided to finally watch the final season of Community instead of starting another Survivor. I struggled to find a show to watch when everyone else is still asleep. I don’t want anything too serious, but I’m also not sure I want a sitcom. I will try again tomorrow morning when I have several hours of non-work time awake when they are asleep.

Books – I did not finish a book this week. I still sometimes go through phases of not being able to focus on a book. It’s just easier to do crosswords and watch TV. It might be the book as well. Probably a combination.

On Deck –  We will likely watch some sort of older movie this week. My wife just went through all the Disney Plus movies and added a bunch to the watchlist, so I assume I have some Disney type movies in my future. The Will Ferrell Eurovision movie is on Netflix now and Dave Bautista’s My Spy is on Prime so we might watch one of those. We still have the latest episode of Snowpiercer to watch and we will have new episodes of Yellowstone, Star Girl, and Perry Mason. We will probably finish Community this week. My daughter will probably finish her rewatch of Zach and Cody and has said she will move on to Hannah Montana. I will hopefully finish reading Let Me Lie by Clare Mackintosh this weekend and will then browse my shelves at home to find something new.

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