Mixed Feelings

This was my first day this week that was fully work from home. I went back to work 4 hours a day on Thursday. This week more staff started to come back to work.

The good:

It was nice to see people face to face again.

It was good to get out of the house.

It was nice to have physical work to do again.

The days went a little faster than the work from home days.

My daily steps are up again.

Traffic is still light so the drive home is nice and easy even at 5pm.

The not so good:

On my afternoon days, I miss being home when my daughter finally wakes up.

I have to wear real clothes again.

My eating schedule is weird now.

Some drivers are still bad enough to make me have road rage.

More possible exposure to toxic people, mentally not virus-toxic.

It is official that my dream of convincing my wife I should quit rather than go back is dead.

I’m sure I will adjust back to things again. I will learn to quietly suffer through as I did before we were all sent home. I will hope that I can find a way to change my circumstances sooner rather than later. My daughter will eventually move back to campus and my wife will go back to work so there will be no one at home to miss while I am at work.

Maybe I should buy some lottery tickets…





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