Old Movie Mode

We have reached the point of the quarantine where we have turned from random TV shows to old movies or our after-work entertainment. We are figuring out which older movies our daughter has not watched and finding them on streaming. We had already watched some of the classics with her: Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, etc. Here are what we have watched so far:

Clueless – It had been years since I had watched this one. I still enjoyed it. My daughter seemed to like it.

The Back to the Future Trilogy – I still say the second movie was not good. My daughter disagrees. She liked it. I can’t believe we got this far without her watching these movies.  My son just watched them recently as well and it was his first time. I feel like a failure as a parent.

Some Kind of Wonderful – mainly because it was one that was available and my wife didn’t remember watching it. It was OK. More boring than I remembered. It was nice to have a John Hughes movie without any of the brat pack in it.

Raiders of the Lost Ark – I bored my family with the story of how Tom Sellek could have been Indiana Jones if he was not contracted to the pilot of Magnum PI. I’m sure they wish they had chosen another movie. I read during this one as I’ve watched it several times.

We will likely finish the Indiana Jones series by the weekend. I recorded Doc Hollywood when it was on HDNet over the weekend. I need to make her watch the Lord of the Rings movies before she goes back to school in August.

Any suggestions of old movies for us to make her watch? Leave them in the comments!



11 thoughts on “Old Movie Mode

  1. The Fifth Element is good.
    Different for sure, but we have watched it several times. If James cannot find something he wants to watch, and it’s on, that’s where he puts it.

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