What’s Good in Tater Town 6/21/20

These get harder every week. One day I will remember to take notes through the week.

1. We are all still healthy.

2. Those in the family who like their jobs still have their jobs.

3. Those who still have jobs they hate are at least getting paid.

4. We are 99% sure we have housing figured out for our daughter for the fall.

5. Food trucks are coming to the swim club across the street from my house so I have the option of walking to get food truck food.

6. I took a day yesterday to do as little as possible and hope to do the same today.

7. The Belmont Stakes ran yesterday. It was nice to have a little normalcy as my daughter and I made our picks like usual for triple crown races.

That is it for this week.


One thought on “What’s Good in Tater Town 6/21/20

  1. What was good in Remedial Stitcher Town? I managed to get back to almost normal physical health except for stamina. Definitely a good thing! And I read more while recuperating.

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