My 2020 in Blogging So Far

Timehop tells me that last year at this time I bored everyone with a post about my year in blogging so far. It was filled with stats no one cares about and links to blog posts from the year. So, of course, I decided to do it again. 2020 has been a weird year. I’m curious to see how that reflects here.

Now the boring stats:

Views – 4730

Likes – 1322

Comments – 343

Not great but slightly better than last year.

Where did my views come from? Over 3000 from the US which is not a surprise. 501 from India. 414 from the UK. 110 from Canada. 91 from United Arab Emirates. Based on recent activity, I think UAE will overtake Canada soon.

1330 people find the blog from WordPress Reader. 1189 came from Facebook. Only 147 from Twitter. 40 from searches(I bet they are disappointed) and then a bunch of random other sites.

My top five viewed posts:

I Have Not Improved – The post where I talk about how I have not used my 3 months in lockdown for self-improvement.  I could definitely use it. I think I actually got worse.

Grocery Adventure – In which I talk about my first trip to the grocery store during the pandemic.

A Small List of the Pandemic People Who Are Making Me Dislike People Even More In which I talk about the type of people who have really irritated me while I read online about the pandemic.

Band Names– My occasionally updated list of phrases I hear in life that I think would be good band names. I have it stuck as the first post you see on the page so it makes sense it gets a lot of views. I’m also happy that a non-pandemic post made it in the top five.

The Things I Don’t Write – In which I write about the things I didn’t write about during the pandemic, thus making them things I did write about.

And I leave you with fundraising. Here is my page with a link to a way to donate to my blogging habit. 



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