My Week in Book, Movies, and TV 6/19/20

Here we are. The end of another week. Only 10 hours until my sweet freedom of the weekend. Here is my recap of what I’ve watched and read this week.

Movies – We watched several movies this week as we did not find a new show that we all loved enough to watch every night after work is over. We focused on old moves that my daughter had never watched. It started with Clueless last weekend. As suspected, she really liked that one. We were shocked to discover that she had never actually watched Back to the Future. She blames our parenting skills. So, we watched all three of the movies over the week. She disagrees with my assessment that the second movie was not very good. She seemed to like all three of them. It’s possible we watched something else over the week, but those are the only ones I can remember.

TV – I finally finished the latest season of On My Block. I’m glad there will be another season. I would hate for it to end the way it did. We are now watching Survivor – Australia. It’s still weird watching the old seasons. So much has changed over the years. We watched the latest episodes of Stargirl and Snowpiercer. My daughter continues to watch Zach and Cody on Disney Plus at the end of the night while I sleep on the couch. I started to watch Castle Rock on Hulu but discovered it started me on season 2 for some reason. I will have to go back and start over now. I still see parts of old Grey’s Anatomy in the afternoons while I work and my daughter watches TV.

Books – I finished two books this week. I finally finished Deathless Divide by Justina Ireland after putting it aside several times to read books for work. It is the sequel to Dread Nation. It is set in post Civil War America that is overrun with zombies. The first book started in Baltimore and ended in Kansas. In this one, they head to California It is a long book and it took me a while to get into it since I kept having to put it aside but once I got back to it I liked it as much as the first. I also read The Art of War after I was asked to fill in for the person who does the nonfiction book club at work. It was a quick read, but I can’t say I enjoyed it that much. I’m not sure I really retained any of the text.

On Deck – We will likely keep looking for old movies to watch with our daughter. We need to watch Jest Mercy while it is still free. Selma is on TV tonight. I will probably record it since we all mentioned that we never watched it when it came out. TV will depend on who is awake and free when. I will probably watch Castle Rock this weekend when I am inevitably up hours before everyone else. Yellowstone comes back Sunday, so we will watch that. I will try the new Perry Mason show on HBO.  We will watch more old Survivor. The Belmont Stakes is tomorrow. It will be nice to have a live sporting event to watch. I need to find a book in the house that will hold my interest. The ARC I started this week is not compelling me to read.

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