The New Normal

I hate the phrase “the new normal” I see it everywhere. Everyone talks about the new normal in regards to everything. The new normal when it comes to business openings. The new normal when it comes to travel. The new normal at amusement parks. The new normal in everyday life.

I get that right now there is a new way of life. I get that right now businesses are opening at lower capacity and many have requirements that you wear a mask. I get that social gatherings are limited. Weddings and funerals are delayed or done with very few people. I’m not arguing that we aren’t living in different times.

I hate the phrase because in most cases it is used in a way that makes it seem like the writer thinks this will be the new normal forever. It implies that we will never fully go back to the way life was before the pandemic. We will forever live in a world of social distancing, masks, and lockdown. We will all telework forever. Kids will never go back to school. College campuses will be empty. This is not normal and I refuse to believe that it is the new normal forever.

We have a temporary normal. We don’t have a new normal. The virus will eventually subside and/or we will have treatment and/or a vaccine. People will go back to normal pre-pandemic life. There might be some changes. More people might telework going forward. Hopefully we will be better prepared for another pandemic. Some people might change how often they use mass transit. People might flee the city and move to less densely populated areas. There will be some new normals. but where we are now isn’t it.

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