My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 5/29/20

Another three day weekend last weekend so plenty of time to focus on TV and movies when not doing yard work and such. The last of the three day weekends for a while.

Movies – We watched several movies this week. Friday night we watched The Lovebirds on Netflix. It stars Kumail Najiani and Issa Rae as a couple on the verge of breaking up who get mixed up in a murder mystery. It was a fun mix of comedy and action. We all enjoyed it. We followed that up with another murder mystery comedy: Murder Mystery with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. I know a lot of people didn’t like Sandler, but I like him enough to like even hos dumbest movies I think this is one of his better recent movies. Sandler is a cop who takes his wife, Aniston, to Europe for their anniversary where they meet a rich gut who invites them to his yacht. They also get mixed up in a murder mystery. If you like Sandler and Aniston you will like this one. We watched Ready or Not on HBO Saturday night.  It is classified as horror. It is about a woman who marries into a family where the tradition is they play a game on the night after the wedding. The game is decided by card draw. If Hide and Seek is drawn they hunt the person marrying into the family. If they don’t kill them by sunrise the family dies. The bride has to fight back to try to survive the night. Another one we all enjoyed. My daughter watched a Prime movie last night called Selah and the Spades last night. She was sold as soon as she saw it took place at a boarding school. I slept a lot during it, but what I saw seemed weird. She says she liked it.

TV – We still struggle to find shows we all want to watch. We watched the new episodes of Snowpiercer, Stargirl, Baker and the Beauty and Almost Paradise. My daughter and I started the very first season ever of Survivor. So weird to watch and see the difference in production then vs now. We watched some Doctor Who and the new episode of Legends of Tomorrow. My daughter has started watching Grey’s Anatomy, so I’ve seen some random old episodes while she watches each day while I’m still working. I’m very behind on shows that I watch with my wife as we never watch TV without our daughter these days.

Books – I was going to read Deathless Divide this week, but then realized I needed to read the book for my personal book club. The good news is that I am now scheduled to do book promotions to high schoolers via Zoom and this book is on the list, so it counted as work as well.  The book: Juliet Takes a Breath by Gabby Rivera.  Juliet is a college student from the Bronx who is heard to Portland to intern for an author she idolizes. Before she leaves, she comes out to her family and it does not go well. The author and the internship are not what she expected. I was definitely not the target audience for the book. It was OK but seemed to end abruptly. I will be curious to see what the rest of the book club thought.

On Deck – Movies will once again depend on mood and what we can find streaming. We will watch new episodes of the shows we are already watching. I have no idea what we will watch otherwise as we are struggling to decide what all three of us would like. We will probably at least try some episodes of Space Force on Netflix. I don’t know yet what I will read. I need to look at what options I have for the book promotion and go from there. At some point, I need to start The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins for my mystery book club at work.

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4 thoughts on “My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 5/29/20

  1. I’ve watched the Aniston/Sandler movie. It was ok for a bit of light entertainment. They’re never going to Oscar winners but good if you don’t want to concentrate too hard.

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  2. I watched The Farewell on Prime this week. It was really good, even though the subtitles were very hard to read because of the poor contrast against the background. I got the gist of what was being said though.

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