I Have Not Improved

A surprise bonus second post today. I considered scheduling it for Saturday, but I might have something else I want to write at that point.

There has been a lot of talk about using the time in lockdown to learn new things. People are learning other languages. People are learning to bake bread and to cook in general. People are reading the books they’ve never had time to read. Yards look really nice now because people spend their time working outside more. These people are not me.

I’ve gone in the opposite direction when it comes to reading. I usually read over 100 books a year. This year I will be lucky to get much above 50. I just can’t seem to read more than a few pages at a time. Maybe it is the reading material. Maybe it is my brain Maybe it is both. I just can’t focus as much as I did before when reading.

I am not baking bread. I’m not cooking anything new. I’m not learning to be a better cook. I made homemade pimento cheese one day, but that is it. We are cooking. We just aren’t making an effort to cook elaborate recipes or bake our own bread.

I’ve taken training for work, but that is the extent of my learning. I’m not taking ASL classes online. I’m not learning Spanish. I’m not taking online classes outside of work. I’m watching a lot of TV and playing games on my Ipad. I do have a crossword app so I am doing crossword puzzles a lot, so at least that is somewhat using my brain.

I am not spending more time in my yard. I’m still working from home so I’m not doing projects around the house. I guess I probably could, but I wouldn’t feel right doing work in the yard while on the clock. So, my grass is too tall right now because I’m still waiting for the weekend to mow.

I won’t say I didn’t learn some things. I learned that working from home is only a good thing if you like your work. If you don’t, it sucks. If you don’t you really need work and home to be separate so home is a refuge from work. I learned I could deal with all of this much better if  I was just home and not working from home.  I’ve learned too much about people who are my friends on social media and, because of that I’ve learned I like a lot fewer people these days. I’ve learned that my circle is very small. I’ve learned that I would be perfectly OK to stay at home if my time was my own and not someone else’s.

I have not improved during these times. I might have gotten worse.


13 thoughts on “I Have Not Improved

  1. Me neither!!! I have just worked and not worked. I am very lucky that I actually like my new co-workers (birthed one, married the other) but I have not “improved” myself at all.

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    1. I’m with you on the not learning anything new. It’s weird how the brain can’t take it, even though I don’t really have anything to do. And because I’m not really doing anything, I don’t have much to say, or write. I couldn’t read at first, again the focus was gone. But then I tried a different kind of book and am on my fourth in as many weeks. The flow is back. I hope you find yours.

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  2. I haven’t done anything new either. I will be trying to color my hair with some fun semi-permanent colorful dyes and have spent a ridiculous amount of money for all the essential items for this. I may not get to see my stylist until August, and I’m really bored with my hair. But that’s the only thing I’m trying that I haven’t already done sometime before. I’m okay with this.

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  3. Nope, no bread here. And you’re right–working from home is only good if you like your work. I hate to laugh at your posts, when you’re down, but you are so funny in your delivery. And I hope you feel “up” soon, but only if your posts are still funny–ha!

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