This Space Purposely Left Blank

Well, not completely blank. Writing my mediocre blog posts helps me ease into my new daily routine. Some days it is easy. Some days it is not. I don’t want to write about the virus. I don’t want to write about lockdowns. I have nothing else happening right now. So, I will do a pledge drive and links to my social media.

First the pledge drive:

My son’s work has lost money due to not being able to hold programs and weddings. You can donate to their fundraiser here. He works for Audubon Naturalist Society.

You can Support the Common Tater here

Other places to find me

My personal Facebook which is pretty much public anyway – I have a page for Tater but it has become just a place where my blog posts go since they can’t go to a personal profile.

My twitter

The blog for my work where I may occasionally have posts





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