Love in the Time of the Rona

May 1992 Lexington, KY

Today is my 28th wedding anniversary. We didn’t buy cards or gifts. We won’t be going out to eat. If we did get food out it would be curbside or delivery. It will generally be the same as everyday over the past two months. If we leave the house it will be to walk the dog or maybe get groceries. Not that our non pandemic anniversaries are all that exciting. We might go out to eat, but that’s about it. We have traveled on bigger ones, but only twice and only an overnight trip. I will say that these times will tell you how your relationship stands. We have been in the house together 24/7 for two months now. If you can survive that I think you are good.


7 thoughts on “Love in the Time of the Rona

  1. Happy anniversary! I think you’re doing very well! Maybe you should bake a cake or just cookies to celebrate. Is anybody in your house a baker? Cookies are pretty easy.

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