My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 5/15/20

It’s been a long week. I hit two months of being home and hit the wall as far as dealing with that goes. I took today off to turn my brain off and try to get my mind off of things. Now the trick will be getting through the day without my boss calling me anyway. So, what did I watch and read? Let’s see.

Movies – I can only think of one movie we watched this week. My daughter loves Cloverfield and loved it back when she was probably too young to watch it. She owns the DVD but it is currently in her dorm room. I saw that it was on TV recently so I recorded it for her. We watched it one night this week and she still likes it just as much as she did before. I had forgotten who all was in the movie. I was surprised by the number of actors I recognized from the stuff they did after Cloverfield. I don’t think we watched anything else, but it’s possible we did and I just don’t remember.

TV – We did watch a lot of TV as is normal these days. We finished season one of Outer Banks. We finished it pretty quickly because we all liked it so much. I will spare you my attempt at a review and instead point you to this review by Drew Magary. We also watched more old Survivor episodes and the finale of the new season. I enjoyed the new season, and I’m really glad the person who came back after getting voted out first didn’t win. The more I watch the old seasons, the more I wish they would drop the twists, limit the hidden immunity idols, and go back to more of the old school game. I definitely think the Edge of Extinction should be gone for good. No one who gets voted out should have a chance to win. The only way I would accept that or Redemption Island back is if the returning player returns at the merge and then it is over, and the rest go home. We watched the first episode of The Shield on FX on Hulu, but my family seems unlikely to want to watch more.

Books – I did not finish a book this week. I am still reading The City We Became by NK Jemisin. I am enjoying it even though my daughter says she thinks it sounds weird. I just can’t read for extended periods of time and generally end up watching TV when I have time alone when not working. I changed my Goodreads yearly challenge because I know there is no way I’m going to make my normal yearly goal.

On Deck – Movies will still depend on happenstance. Will we feel like watching a movie this week when we finish work for the day? Will a movie I like randomly be on TV when everyone else is asleep? Who knows. I’m sure my daughter and I will watch more old Survivor. Perhaps the season Cochran won since my daughter really likes him. We are searching for a show that all three of us will like. I am searching for a show I can watch alone. Maybe I will finally give up on my daughter catching up and watch the latest season of On My Block. I will continue reading The City We Became and then probably go to Deathless Divide the sequel to a YA zombie book I really liked.

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2 thoughts on “My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 5/15/20

  1. I can’t decide whether I want to watch Outer Banks. It really doesn’t sound like my kind of show, and they didn’t even film it in the Outer Banks! We’ll see. I may get desparate.

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