Mixed Messages

The governor had a press conference today to update our status. He announced we were ready to move into phase one and I was all like

but then he said local jurisdictions could make their own decisions and the leaders where I live and where I work were all like

where I work has said definitely he will not open on Friday. Where I live says he will consult with the local health department and make a decision before Friday. I don’t think it will be a decision to move to phase one.

I went from


I’m really not sure how it is going to work. It seems this will just encourage people from the closed jurisdictions to go shopping and get haircuts in the open jurisdictions. It also allows for politics on both sides to drive the decision instead of data. It also seems interesting that the same people who said it was terrible for the national government to leave things up to the states now think the state should leave it up to counties.

I should say that I am not someone who thinks the virus is a hoax or that it is not serious, but I look at the data every day. 75% of the deaths in my county and 60% of the deaths in the state are from nursing homes. This is really sad, but you can’t use those numbers to decide that everyone else should stay home.  If we had protected our most vulnerable from the start our numbers would look much better. Our hospital numbers in the county have stayed steady below our capacity for a month. We have bragged about how we are the only county to have 100% contact tracing. If you look at the data we should be ready for the slow move to phase one.  The numbers where I work are even lower.

We have flattened the curve. That is what they said we had to do. We were never supposed to stay locked down until the virus is gone or we had a vaccine. This is not sustainable.


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  1. Preaching to the choir. I’m fed up with the people “in charge” because they are not representing the people at large. I try not to get political, but the left vs right crap we’ve been dealing with is just not going to cut it. I am fed up.

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  2. In my section of the DC metro area, I’m glad we’re not starting phase 1 when the rest of the state does. We definitely don’t have the numbers to make it possible. I don’t see it as politics, more as business vs. people. Whatever. It is what it is. I won’t be going out regularly until sometime in the fall, based on the way things are going and how people are acting when they get out and about. If they would be responsible and not throw all caution to the wind, that would be great. But everyone isn’t doint that, and I fear a reversal of all the downward trends and the flattening of the curve 2-3 weeks after things open up. Sucks no matter how you look at it.


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