I’m Tired

I’m still at the wall hitting stage this week. I’m seriously considering asking for the day off on Friday even though I work from home just to not have to think about anything but what I’m going to watch on TV next.

I’m tired of working from home when all of the work I’m best at requires being in branch.

I’m tired of the uncertainty. Our lockdown has been indefinite. Hogan might open part of the state this week, but my county might not follow. I have no idea what the rules will be where I live vs where I work.

I’m tired of watching my kid deal with online school for college.

I’m tired of the uncertainty of when we might get to go get the rest of her stuff from her dorm room.

I’m tired of the uncertainty about school for the fall. I don’t want the rest of her college life to be online from home.

I’m tired of the uncertainty about the possibility of driving to KY to see family this summer.

I’m tired of the news but want to watch the news to stay informed even though I can see how they frame things to get the biggest reaction.

I’m tired of poor leadership.

I’m just tired.

7 thoughts on “I’m Tired

  1. I hit the wall this morning. I have a friend trying to be the positivity police and I’m just done with unicorns and rainbows. I am done with this.

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      1. I know. What are people thinking? Do they hate trump so much that they’re willing to sacrifice literally everything just to get him out of office?

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  2. I get it. I feel bad for people who actually were much more active than I was, i.e., working every day. I saw this in the WP this morning:

    “The executives of Montgomery, Prince George’s, Anne Arundel, Frederick and Baltimore counties, as well as Baltimore Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young (D), conferred on Monday about the need to keep restrictions in place even if Hogan loosens them statewide.”

    Are you in one of those counties for work and/or home?

    I’m glad that Northern Virginia counties are opening later than the rest of Virginia. We’re not really ready, based on the gating criteria. Will we be ready by the end of May? Maybe.

    And the title of this post, just immediately made me think of this https://youtu.be/Uai7M4RpoLU . Maybe that’ll give you a smile or an idea of something to watch.


    1. I live in AA and work in Howard so odds are nothing changes for me for a while. AA library announced curbside service starting June 8. Not sure how that works if Pittman refuses to comply with phase one reopening


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