Hitting the Wall

I have two different ideas for blog posts that I workshopped in my head over the weekend. I was all ready to wake up and write before my workday started. Instead, I seem to have hit a wall today.

I had a good weekend. I took a lazy day Saturday. I did crossword puzzles. I had coffee. I watched TV. I read a little bit. Sunday I did some yard work. Went for a walk. Had a nice dinner. Played Life, my family’s favorite board game.  It should have refreshed me and had me ready to go.

Instead, I sit here dreading everything. I don’t want to write anything substantial. The thought of doing work makes me ill and depresses me.

I’ve hit a wall today. Hopefully it is a one day blip. I just need to power through today and hope tomorrow is better.


7 thoughts on “Hitting the Wall

  1. Don’t let this day become your norm. Easy for me to say, but seriously, try not to dwell in this place. I have moments (days?) when I consider that I probably won’t be going out till fall, and it all starts to get to me too.

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  2. Hopefully it’s just today. Some days are up and some are down. I have days like this too. Try to wake up and smile. It’ll make you feel better even if you’re not sure what you’re smiling about!

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