What’s Good in Tater Town 5/3/20

I figure it would be good for me to start doing this weekly again to make myself focus on the good even if the list is pretty much the same each week. So, here we go. Also, annoying pledge drive below.

  1. We are all still healthy
  2. We still have our jobs.
  3. We had some really nice weather days this week in between the dreary rainy ones.
  4. Greek on the Street food truck came to our neighborhood this week so we had gyros and Greek fries for dinner.
  5. The mom of one of my son’s high school friends was in line in front of me so we had a chance to catch up on how everyone is while waiting for our food.
  6. We now have access to Hulu and Disney Plus.
  7. My last trip to the grocery store was much less frustrating than the one before.

That’s all I can think of this week. Now for the pledge drive portion of the post.

My son works for Audubon Naturalist Society. They had to cancel spring activities so fundraising is more important this year. Click here to donate to their annual birdathon.

If you would like to support the blog or buy me a coffee to drink while writing you can click here.



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