Tradition Interrupted

Life has been different for everyone since mid-March. The changes have been bigger for some in my family than for others.

My wife was already working from home at least two days a week and generally only left the house for groceries and carry out. I think her biggest change is being stuck with me 24/7.

My daughter’s life has had a bigger change. She’s gone from living on campus surrounded by friends her own age to living at home with her 50 yr old parents. She’s gone from in-person classes to online classes. She only sees her friends on video calls.

My son can still go into work on occasion to do outdoor restoration work, but his off-work life has changed a lot. No more ultimate frisbee games several times a week. No more game nights with friends. A lot more TV and video calls.

My work life has changed drastically, but the rest of my life has remained the same. I watch TV, I attempt to read, I walk the dog, I clean the house, and I do yard work when it isn’t raining. So, while work has stressed me out, I haven’t missed out on a lot. This week that changes.

Today should be Derby day. Derby day has become a tradition with me and my daughter.  We make sure we are free to watch together, either in person or via text. We watch the horses walk out and make our picks and hope our horse places ahead of the other’s. It is the big, it’s almost summer event for us. There will be no Derby today.

This week is the week where I would only have one day at work on Monday. Tuesday was supposed to be professional development day for work where we all gather off-site for a day of training. I would see friends I don’t get to see every day and then we would go out for drinks after. Wednesday I was supposed to leave for a conference where I would stay in a nice hotel on the water, go to trainings, and have fun at pub quiz and other social events with other librarians. Instead, I will spend the week at home again. PDD is canceled. The conference has been rescheduled to October,

This is the first week where I will really feel the lockdown personally instead of mostly feeling bad for my kids.


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