Grocery Adventure

My wife has been doing all of the grocery runs for the family. She has always been the one to go to the grocery store. She doesn’t trust me to shop properly. She asked to stop in at Wegmans earlier this week to pick up some stuff. I wrote earlier about how I never made it in the store because I had a small window of time and the line was too long. I tried again and below is what I found:

The line was still long to get into Wegmans. I had time this time so I stayed. It took me 15-20 minutes maybe to get inside. I did notice some people who apparently thought they should keep their masks off in line and only put then on once inside. Seems dumb. We are still standing in line together.

Once inside I saw they had very clear markings on the floor making each aisle a one-way aisle. I headed straight back to the meat section to try to get chicken as I assumed that might be my biggest challenge. I was wrong. There was plenty. I got what I needed there and moved on to the next items

As I made my way through the store I discovered pretty quick that no one was paying attention to the arrows. People were walking through the aisles in all directions with no regard for the attempt to keep us distant with one way walking. People also stopped in the middle of walkways making everyone either wait or walk too close to get by. It really didn’t seem that hard to follow the directions.

I had less luck with the rest of my items. I ended up with chicken, milk, coffee, and mouthwash. Everything else on my list was out of stock. They had plenty of paper products, but I did not need those this time. I’m sure when I need them they will be out.

Overall, it only too me 45 minutes to complete my shopping. It helped that no one was in line for the self check stations so I walked right up, payed and left.

This is what I discovered in the parking lot.


I’m the blue car. I had to go in on my passenger side. By the time I was ready to leave someone was parked in front of me. Luckily for me, they moved so I could exit forward and not try to back past them. There were plenty of spots. Why would you park like that?

I then rewarded myself with a drink from Starbucks.



5 thoughts on “Grocery Adventure

  1. I would have rewarded myself with a cocktail when I got home. Sheesh! I haven’t been in a grocery store since mid-March, probably March 10 or 11.

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