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I’ve never been very good at maintaining connections with people once I have moved away. There are a handful of high school friends I a still in contact with regularly. The college list is smaller. I see them on Facebook, but that’s about it. I have no contact with anyone from my 2 years outside Cincinnati. I’m friends on Facebook with a couple of people from jail but don’t see them in person. I’m really bad at the friend thing. One thing the isolation has made me think about is reconnecting with people.

I had a Zoom reunion with people from college last night. They were all people I knew from the Baptist Student Union. I’m still the awkward guy who didn’t say much but it was nice seeing everyone again even if it was virtually. The majority of this group was younger than me so I didn’t really know them that well. I’m hoping if we do it again some more of the old folks like me will join in. I still might not talk much but just being around them again will help with my mental state.

After I was invited to this one I started thinking about other reunions. I posted in my high school graduating class’s Facebook group asking if people were interested in doing one. Some said yes so I guess I should get to setting one up. I would love to do a wider-ranging high school reunion. I was friends with many people older and younger than me in high school. It would be fun to see them again as well. We all have time. We should use it to try to reconnect.

Maybe I should do a family reunion via Zoom. I’m sure I could get some cousins to join me and my siblings.

Maybe my old email group that are all friends on Facebook could do one.

The group from the old Chris Moore bulletin board.

Many options for me to be the awkward guy whoo barely speaks in a Zoom reunion.

6 thoughts on “Reconnecting

  1. Wait a second, jail? More info please. I just had a Zoom choir practice, where we actually sang very little but reconnected quite a bit, so that was nice. It took a pandemic to get my brother, sister, and me to do a Zoom call. They live on the West Coast and we’re not all together often enough. I say go for it–plan away, even if then you’re the quiet guy on the call. You can just soak it all in, all the good reuniting vibes!

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    1. I forget that not everyone know my jail story. I was the librarian at the county jail for 19 years. I did a small jailbrarian series here but didn’t get too far into the county days before I abandoned it. I should probably get my brother and sister to zoom. So far we are still just texting. They are both inKentucky


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