Tater Remembers The Purple One

My ramblings the day of Prince’s death. I don’t listen to his music as much anymore, but I might spend some time tonight watching the tribute show. Actually, I will probably record it and watch it later as I’m probably the only person here who wants to watch it. My daughter won’t care and my wife won’t understand why I want to watch other people perform Prince songs.

Yesterday, I headed out at 1 to get my $1 sub at Jimmy Johns. As I stood in the line, I did what I always do and looked to my phone for entertainment. I went to Facebook and saw a post from Michael Ausiello about the death of Prince. It was reported first by TMZ and as much as I argue with people that TMZ is now a legitimate news source, I held out hope that it was wrong and I would discover it was a hoax. Unfortunately, as I stood in line(it was a long line) it was confirmed that Prince was really dead. I’m still stunned by the news as I watch the tributes and listen to the Prince tribute channel on Sirius.

I can’t remember the first time I ever heard a Prince song. I recall hearing the songs Delirious, 1999 and Little Red Corvette and loving them, but it wasn’t until Purple Rain that I really became a Prince fan. I had the Purple Rain cassette and listened to it a lot all the way through college. I remember the first time I saw the movie on VHS. There wasn’t a bad song on the album. I know most people love the songs Purple Rain and Let’s Go Crazy(and I do as well) but my favorites were The Beautiful Ones and I Would Die 4 U. I also enjoyed listening to Darling Nikki because I knew people like Tipper Gore hated it. While I was a kid who liked a variety of music, I generally listened to more of the hair band stuff, but I loved Prince. His was the type of music that could appeal to everyone. I was a great example of that. While people make fun of the movie Under the Cherry Moon, Parade was another album I loved. I also owned the cassette for that one and listened to it over and over again and again, I loved every song on the album. I loved Kiss, but again loved lesser known ones like Anotherloverholeinyohead and Sometimes it Snows in April more. I have not loved a lot of his newer stuff as much, but The Gold Standard has made its way in to my playlist a lot recently.  As I moved on to listening to more pop punk stuff I had forgotten how great his music was. Listening to the tribute station today reminded me of how much I loved it. I’m sad that he is gone and that I never went to see him in concert. I don’t think I will let another icon’s concert pass me by because of price or inconvenience. You never know when it might be the last time you have the chance.

I was going to spend some time ranting about the people who have emerged to complain that we care about his death and not the death of x. Or the people who think it’s good that he’s dead because they were offended by his Baltimore concert. Or the people asking if he had AIDS like that matters at all. I could spend a lot of time telling them what I think of them and I might still do that at some point, but instead I am going to go for a walk and listen to some more Prince. RIP

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