A Frustrating Day

man showing distress
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

The real world crept back into my life today. I was reminded that sometimes the real world can be not so great. Here are the things that frustrated me today when we interacted with the world outside our house:

I signed up for a free month of CBS All Access. I signed up online with my email address. I then used the Amazon Firestick to log in on the TV. The Amazon account is in my son’s name. Somehow, logging in on the app there transferred the account to his subscriptions and I couldn’t find where to turn off auto-renew. I contacted CBS All Access and they said it wasn’t their problem since I signed up via Amazon. But I didn’t. The Amazon account seemed to not show it as a channel to cancel. It was nowhere. I finally dug around and found another random Amazon spot to adjust the account. It is just terrible customer service to not help a customer figure out how to access their account on your service. It’s also dumb that it transferred to the Amazon account because I logged in on an app there.

My wife has been doing the grocery trips for the family. Today she asked me to go pick some stuff up. I had a very small window to do this. I never made it in the grocery store. I had to abandon the line. I get the reason for the line. I was just frustrated that I wasn’t able to get what we needed. I guess I need to get there earlier next time.

My daughter was supposed to get housing for school taken care of today. We had to call last week to fix it when they told her she didn’t have guaranteed housing. She tried to get a spot today but couldn’t because she is not part of a group. Apparently, to live in a suite or apartment you need to recruit your roommate in advance or you can’t live there. An individual is denied access to these rooms. It doesn’t matter that she missed out on the housing her friends have because the university still won’t confirm if study abroad is happening or not. If she can’t find a group that needs another person she has to wait or traditional housing to open and hope she can get a room there. UMD has shown me lately that they really don’t care about their students’ living situation.

I’m done with the outside world again.

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