My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 4/17/20

I know I have more movies and TV this week. The trick will be remembering them. I’m still struggling with focus while trying to read.

Movies – We did finally watch Ford vs Ferrari. I didn’t really know what it was about and none of us liked the idea of the 2.5-hour runtime. That’s why it took us so long to get to it. We all really liked it. Great cast. Interesting story. It didn’t really seem like over 2 hours. All of the other movies we watched were ones we had seen before. We watched Terminator, well, my family did. I slept. We watched Spiderman: Homecoming again. We watched Attack the Block because the kids had never seen it. If you haven’t watched Attack the Block you really should. It’s very good.

TV – We watched a lot of Community this week. It will be sad when we get to the end. It’s a fun way to pass the time. We watched Tiger King. It was really interesting. For once I’ve actually watched what everyone is talking about. I probably would not have watched it if my son wasn’t at home to watch it with me. We caught up on Prodigal Son. It is one of the few shows everyone in the family likes. I’ve started putting the TV on Let’s Make a Deal and The Price is Right while I am working. I like to have sound on in the background and that is much better than having any sort of news or talk show on. I need things to take my mind off the way the world is now and they work for that.

Books – I did finish two books this week. I read The Chaos of Now by Erin Jade Lange. I loved the book Butter by this author but all of the rest of the books fall short of that. This one is about a teenage hacker who is recruited by two others to build a website to bring down the bullies who allegedly drove their friend to suicide. It wasn’t a terrible book, but I hated the main character so it was hard to care about the story. I also read I Am Not Okay With This by Charles Forsman. It is a graphic novel about a teenage girl with a mysterious power. I watched the Netflix show based on the book and read the book for my personal book club. It is one of the few times I can say that the TV show was much better than the book.

On Deck – This part is much harder now that we can’t leave the house. Who knows what random things I might watch over the weekend while my family sleeps. I’ve caught up on most of the shows I watch alone. I will have to find new things.  Verizon gave us free Showtime and Epix for now so I’m sure we can find some random movies to watch. I still need to watch Jojo Rabbit and Uncut Gems at some point. I’m reading Big Sky by Kate Atkinson for my mystery book club for work.

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      1. The first one I read was Started Early, Took My Dog. Then I went back and read the others in chronological order.

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