Is There Anything Worth Writing?

My day:

Wake up at 7.

Drink coffee and read the paper.


Get dressed.

Work from home as best I can.

Take the dog for a walk.

Watch TV

Go to bed.

Same day. Every day. Some days I have video meetings that change my day up. One night I did my mystery book club virtually. The highlights of my week are the one day we decide to order takeout and watching Survivor on Wednesday night.

Pretty boring week and it makes for a pretty boring post. Why are you still here?

What do you write about right now? Do I try to remember funny stories from the past to tell? Do I finally try and fail at creative writing? Do I write another sad post about what I miss about normal life? Do I give up for now? Are you tired of my posts about giving up when you know I won’t?

Any thoughts from the people reading this? Any ideas for me? Requests? Suggestions? Complaints?

7 thoughts on “Is There Anything Worth Writing?

  1. Your day sounds a lot like mine. I enjoy reading whatever is running through your mind at any given moment. An extended analysis of a TV show or series is always interesting. Pretend you’re being home-schooled and you’ve been told you have to write a book report about the last book you read. What book would you like to see adapted to the large or small screen and why? Have you started baking bread, which seems to be the quarantine skill most likely to be attempted? What kind of dog do you have (I don’t remember your saying, but then I don’t remember a lot)? Tell me more about it.

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  2. When I can’t think of anything to write about, I depend on prompts, they are all over the Internet.
    Or write about what you day is like with more description… what the the things look like, smell like, taste like… get really discriptive.
    Get really imaginative.. what if one of those video meetings turned out to be a portal to another time or place.
    What would you do if you had the chance to something different… no restrictions. What if you could design your home work environment differently what would it look like? You must be doing something right, look at how many followers you have?

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