More School Stress

My daughter was supposed to study abroad in Italy this fall. We are pretty sure that won’t happen, but the school still has not confirmed they are canceling study abroad and keep pushing back the dates for a decision. Due to the fact that she was going to study abroad, she did not apply for housing on campus right away. She also missed the time frame to get housing in campus apartments. Once she knew study abroad likely wouldn’t happen, she applied for the apartments and filled out the housing application for on-campus housing.

She has confirmation that Commons(the school-owned apartments where all of her friends are living) is full.

Today she got the email that she does not have a dorm room either.

It appears the university doesn’t care that she was behind schedule because of a drastic change in her situation and the study abroad program likely being suspended.

I guess we will have to find her an apartment off-campus or she can sublet from someone or something but it will not be her optimal situation. It will be difficult to do with stay at home orders.

Add this stress on to health related family stress the past week and I’m done.



3 thoughts on “More School Stress

  1. That truly sucks. You’d think the university would at least attempt to help find housing. Just telling her there’s nothing available in university housing without offering alternative solutions is not helpful.

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