My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 4/3/20

Another week of isolation ending. I’m still having trouble with focus. That means more screentime. I need a nice stretch of warm weather to get me out on the deck and away from the TV and my iPad. Here’s my week:

Movies – I don’t recall watching a movie this week. I have a ton of DVDs I had checked out from the library when we closed so we have many options. It just never seems like we are in the mood for a movie. It’s possible we watched a random movie that was on TV last weekend but if we did I don’t remember it.

TV – We watched the new season of Lucifer. I still love the show and I’m glad there will eventually be another season. We caught up on all of the episodes we had recorded of Legends of Tomorrow. It is my favorite of the CW’s DC shows. We finally finished the first season of Perfect Harmony. It was a comedy starring Bradley Whitford and a disgraced Princeton music professor who ends up directing a choir in small-town Kentucky. We really liked it but I doubt it will get a second season. One of the only bright spots of the whole thing is that I get to watch Survivor live with my daughter. It gives me something to look forward to each week.  We still love it and get invested in how certain players will do.

Books – I finished one book this week. It was Slay by Brittney Morris. It was a teen novel about a black high school girl who has created an online game for the black community. When a murder is connected to the game it comes under fire from people who think it is racist. I wanted to like it more. I had heard a lot of good things about it. I think maybe I didn’t get into it because I was not the target audience. I’m not a teen. I’m white. I’m not a gamer. I’m glad the book is there for the target audience. It just wasn’t for me.

On Deck – Maybe this is the week we watch Knives Out or Jojo Rabbit. Good Boys is on HBO tomorrow night. I want to watch it, but my wife will probably won’t. We still have a lot of TV to catch up on. The problem is a lot of the shows are shows that we watched without our daughter. We never have a time when we are watching TV without her. I am trying to get her to finish season 2 of On My Block so we can watch season 3 together. I’m about 30 pages from finishing Hi Five by Joe Ide. It is the latest book in the IQ mystery series. I will then start Bluebird Bluebird by Attica Locke for my mystery book club I will do virtually Wednesday night.

4 thoughts on “My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 4/3/20

  1. I discovered the Italian TV series Inspector Montalbano (subtitled). I really enjoyed the first episode and plan to watch as many as I can. I think at some point it gets switched from being free for Prime members to some pay channel. Sigh. I also started watching Dark Shadows, which I loved when I was in high school. I had forgotten it was in black and white, and it appears that it was filmed (taped?) live. Assorted people obviously stumble over their lines, and in one episode the trench coat one character was wearing was missing a button. It had been fixed for the next episode. They also must have had a slim budget for wardrobe, since the characters seem to wear the same thing in several episodes running (like 4 or 5). So they appear to be in the same day, except that they have several nights during one day. Hahahahahaha. I’m really enjoying it. This is also on Amazon Prime.


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