A Time to Cry…A Time to Laugh

WordPress has started up their daily prompts again and today’s word is joke. Joke Is a hard word for this point in time. Normally on April 1 I would be annoyed reading all of the stuff people are posting on Facebook and Twitter about how much they hate April Fools Day. I would guess that many people with we lived in a world today where we could pull random pranks on each other.

It is a hard time to be funny. I’m happy the late-night shows have returned in some format and that they are telling jokes. I’m happy to see some friends posting funny stuff on social media. I got way too bogged down in the news and forgot that humor can help alleviate stress and anxiety. You would think I would be better at that. I am the guy who took a picture of my niece’s baby in a car seat next to a trash can at the funeral home at my mom’s funeral and posted it with the caption “It’s a shame when people throw away a perfectly good Guatemalan baby” If I can find humor in one of the saddest times of my personal life I should be able to find ways to laugh in isolation. I think we can find ways to laugh while still taking this seriously.

So, watch stand up specials, watch sitcoms, laugh with your family. It will make you feel better and get us through this.

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