My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 3/27/20

It’s the end of my second week at home. How did I do with reading and watching? Not as good as you might think. I have trouble reading a book. I watch TV with my daughter in the evenings. I walk my dog to get outside. At least the weather is good again today so maybe I can sit on my deck while doing stuff today. Here’s what I did get to…

Movies – We watched Spenser Confidential on Netflix last night. It’s probably not something hardcore Spenser fans might like, but I think fans of Mark Wahlberg and action movies will like it. It was a nice, light action-comedy to take your mind off the world for a while.

TV – We spent the first two days of the week trying to watch as much of Would I Lie to You? as we could before we had to cancel Britbox. We did get through most of what was available. We’ve watched some Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl and Nancy Drew. It’s hard at night when all three of us are ready for TV and we can’t come to a consensus on what to watch.

Books – I finished one book this week. It was Give Me Some Truth by Eric Gansworth. It is a story of native teens who live on a reservation in New York. They form a band to try to win a Battle of the Bands competition. It is told in alternating viewpoints of a boy and girl in the band. There is  relationship drama, interpersonal drama, and anti-native discrimination. I’m not sure if it was hard for me to get through it because of the book or because of my state of mind, but it took me forever. I didn’t like any of the characters in the book. I didn’t care about them so it made me not care about the story.

On Deck – I’m reading Slay by Brittney Morris. I still have Knives Out and Jojo Rabbit. We will still watch the same handful of shows we all like that we have on the DVR. I signed up for a free month of Showtime and CBS All Access so at some point I will try to watch Shameless and my daughter and I will probably watch some old seasons of Survivor that she was too young to appreciate.

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