Corn Teen

I’m deep into corn teen(quarantine) at the moment. It’s been over a week since I’ve left my neighborhood. I only leave the house to walk the dog. I don’t see that changing any time soon. I thought I was going to get out for a brief period Sunday to retrieve the rest of the stuff from my daughter’s dorm but that has been delayed. My last day at work was Friday the 13th. Since then, the only time I’ve left my neighborhood was when I was assigned to go to the library to empty the book drop. Since we are no longer doing that I no longer have a reason to leave the house. You would think someone who says they want to be a hermit would be OK with this. For the most part, I am OK with it. I’m OK with not leaving the house. I’m not OK with other things and that is what leads to my anxiety and depression.

I’m sad that my daughter can only talk to her friends via video although she seems OK with it for now.

I worry about my son who does not live with us.

I’m sad about the number continuing to rise and the deaths that are mounting.

I’m anxious about my work that has gone from in-person public service to telework and figuring out what that is.

I worry about my niece who is a trauma nurse at Vanderbilt.

I’m anxious about how long this will last and how long we will have to stay isolated.

I’m frustrated with the political fighting that is still happening as people die.

I’m trying to not consume too much news.

I’m trying to avoid social media and/or hide all of the people there who are stressing me out.

I’ve texted with my siblings. but I think maybe I should try to do Zoom or something with them to feel more connected.

I’m trying to balance productivity and mental health. It isn’t easy.

Not writing has made it worse. I need to get back to writing something that isn’t a long list of how I’m feeling. It is therapeutic.

So, that is where my mind is at right now. At least I am healthy at the moment.

2 thoughts on “Corn Teen

  1. I’m (relatively) lucky. The corn teen has had minor impact on my day-to-day life. I didn’t work every day, but I do miss my two days a week in the needlepoint shop, surrounded by beautiful threads and canvases and helping people bring their projects to life. At home, I’m still surrounded by those things, just not so abundantly, but I don’t get the opportunity to help people. I miss going to my various stitching-related activities. My regular weekly group is refining the virtual stitching group, which will eventually work more smoothly but is off to a pretty good start. I get my groceries delivered, but I miss being able to select my own fresh produce. I have a local young friend who has offered to do any essential errands I might need that I can’t do myself (anything that requires going to a place of business). She told me the most crowded time if I want to take a walk on the nearby trail so I can avoid that. I might try taking a walk today. I worry about my daughter and son-in-law in Brooklyn. They’ve both been confined to their apartment since March 12 or 13, I think. They just go out for grocery runs. They’re also the ones who put the kibosh on anything but doctor’s appointments and a walk in solitude outdoors for me. I complied to reduce Jane’s anxiety level. I’m sure at some point I will have had enough, and I’m also sure it will be before this whole thing has peaked. I’m taking it day by day and staying in touch with friends and family as much as possible.

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