My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 3/21/20

I’m a day late with this. A combination of being completely off on what day it is any more and a struggle to focus right now. I almost decided to skip it today, but it is important to try to stay on track with normal life as much as possible.

Movies – We watched three movies this week. We watched Little Italy on Prime. It is a romantic comedy about two people from rival pizza restaurants in Toronto’s Little Italy who fall in love. The dad’s used to be best friends and now hate each other. It was surprisingly good. We watched Frozen 2. It is what you would expect. If you liked Frozen you will like Frozen 2. Last night we watched Angel has Fallen. My wife loved the first two movies and really wanted to watch it. It was actually pretty good. In this one, the main character is framed for the attempted murder of the president and goes on the run. If you liked the first two you should watch this one.

TV – As you might expect, I have watched a lot of TV. I can’t focus well in silence, so I typically have the news on in the background while I am working from home. That is a mistake as it really ramps up my anxiety. I need to switch to music or HGTV or something for my background noise. One thing I have watched a lot of with my daughter this week is the British show Would I Lie To You? We signed up for a 7 day free trial of Britbox so she could watch it. The premise: two teams of three British celebrities read things off of a card in front of them. Some of them are true things about them. Some are lies. They have no idea what is on the card until they draw it. They then have to convince the other team it is true. It is hilarious. Season 3 is available on Prime without Britbox. Otherwise, we are watching shows on our DVR.

Books – I was smart enough to collect a pile of books on the high school summer reading list before the library closed. I doubt schools will reopen, but I’m sure we will figure out some way to do book promotions once we are back in the libraries so I am preparing. I also finally finished the book I had been reading before closing. Here they are:

American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins – A book store owner from Acapulco goes on the run from a drug cartel after her entire family is murdered.  There is a lot of controversy about this book and the author. I had put in on hold before all of the controversy started. I decided to go ahead and read it. If you rate it based only on the writing and the story and nothing else it is a very good book, but maybe a little too long.

The Electric War: Edison, Tesla, Westinghouse, and the Race to Light the World by Mike Winchell – A very good introduction to the topic. It is informative and entertaining enough to keep a teen interested.

A Fire Story by Brian Fies – A graphic novel of the author’s experience of losing his house in California wildfires.  A tough topic, but well done and shows how the author has learned to cope with his new life.

On Deck – At some point this week, we will watch Ford v Ferrari, Knives Out and Jojo Rabbit. I’m reading Give Me Some Truth by Eric Gansworth. We will watch more Would I Lie To You? and also catch up more on shows on the DVR. I will try to watch the news lesss.

4 thoughts on “My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 3/21/20

  1. You should definitely put HGTV on for your background TV noise instead of the news. Nobody needs that much news (says the woman who hasn’t watched the news much since 9/11).

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    1. I also need to avoid social media even though trust should be a way to interact during isolation. Either that or hide or unfriend the people who spend all day pushing one agenda or another


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