What’s Good in Tater Town 3/15/20

This was a week of big changes. My daughter leaving her college campus, possibly until fall. March Madness being canceled. Schools shut down. Libraries closing their doors. My last day officially at work was not great. Was there good?

  1. My wife made it safely home from Kentucky.
  2. The weather has been nice so I’ve been able to be outside quite a bit.
  3. We had plenty of toilet paper in the house before everyone went crazy and bought it all.
  4. While it’s sad that my daughter had to leave school, it will be nice to have her home for a while.
  5. The library closed so I won’t spend my days with crowds of the public because they have nowhere else to go.
  6. I had plenty of books and movies to hold us over while we are all home.
  7. Closing means limited contact with toxic people.
  8. My son came home yesterday to celebrate my daughter’s birthday with us.
  9. We are all healthy so far.

It will be interesting writing this one next week considering I will be at home for the most part. Hopefully, the entire country will have good news to report in a week or two.

4 thoughts on “What’s Good in Tater Town 3/15/20

    1. I haven’t been out to the store in a week but my wife and daughter stopped on the way home from college and said it was crazy here. I hoe you and yours are also safe and healthy.


  1. I’m hoping I’ve got all that I need from the grocery store for a few weeks. My Whole Foods deliveries have gone from 6- to 8-hour delays to 48-hour delays. Not the end of the world, just an interesting datum showing the uptick in food deliveries in my area. Jane wants me to never go out of my condo again. Actually she wants me to go out to stay with my sister, who lives about an hour from me, away from any hustle and bustle (not going to happen, but she doesn’t realize that yet). I’m now contemplating not going to work, but I’m not sure I can afford it for more than a few weeks (part-time in a small retail shop; you get paid when you work, no sick leave). I think I can manage to limit my expenses, since I won’t be going out and have plenty of books and needlework projects to keep me busy for years without buying anything. I believe I’ve been prepping for this for years. I don’t mind being by myself. Hahahahahaha.

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    1. I think we are good on supplies. So far OPM has not told government workers to telework so we have one person here who might have to go out to work. My son works in a forest so I think he is good. I’m just wondering if the shut downs will be extended.


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