This Is Sort of a Virus Post

I was writing a post about my thoughts on some of the reactions and decisions around the coronavirus. I had a good amount written and changed my mind. I’m not sure anyone needs my thoughts added on to all of the discussion that is out there. I will say a few short things about life as it is today.

Just like everything else these days, it seems like people are picking extremes. We are either panic buying toilet paper or we are refusing to admit that it might be a problem. If someone mentions online that they think closing colleges is an overreaction they are met with people angry at them for suggesting that we shouldn’t close everything down before we all die. If someone says they are happy about the decision they are met with angry comments about how stupid they are for agreeing with the decision. We are a broken society.

My daughter comes home for spring break Friday(or earlier if they follow other schools) and then will likely be home for several more weeks doing online classes until the university deems it safe to return. She was supposed to study abroad in Italy this fall and will know soon what will happen with that. I feel bad that her college experience is being disrupted like this. It sucks that part of her college life will be being told to move out of the dorm and take classes online from her house. At least she will still be able to see her local friends during the closure. I will not give an opinion about the decision.

I assume it won’t be long before other federal agencies follow the SEC and tell employees to telework. That means that there is a good chance my daughter will go to school from home, my wife will work from home, and the one person who never wants to leave the house will have to go to work in a public building and bring germs home to the two people who are allegedly protected from spreading the virus. That doesn’t seem fair. What good is a pandemic if I still have to go to work?

I’m ready for it to be over and it hasn’t really started yet.  It’s a good thing I watched so many zombie movies and read so many zombie books. I’m ready for the end of the world.

5 thoughts on “This Is Sort of a Virus Post

  1. Yeah. I’m done with all this now. Either be serious about it and have a unified approach across the country among all institutions, or just forget about trying to control anything. Your microcosm says it all. Two of three people in the household are told to stay home to try to reduce the spread, while one person still has to go to work in a very public place and run the risk of bringing home the very germs the other people have been told to stay home to avoid. How does any of this work logically? It doesn’t.

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