What’s Good in Tater Town 3/8/20

The week started with working on Sunday and ended with working on Saturday. My wife is out of town so I’ve been alone since Thursday. My normal day still makes me long for early retirement and do things like check to see how much money substitute teachers make. It’s good for me to do this to remind myself there is good in my week.

  1. My son was home for dinner again Sunday night.
  2. We went out for dinner Tuesday night. We rarely do that anymore.
  3. A new person came to my speculative fiction book club at work.
  4. I found out Christopher Moore is coming to the area for a signing in May.
  5. I had Friday off since worked Saturday so I got a brief, glorious view of what it would be like if I quit my job.
  6. I actually accomplished things on my day off instead of going into full hermit mode.
  7. There was a long enough break in the weather Friday for me to take the dog for a walk.
  8. Kentucky came back from 18 points down to win yesterday.
  9. It’s March basketball time. One of my favorite times of the year.
  10. It was a good week as far as blog stuff goes.

That’s it for this week. Can’t imaging much changing soon, but at least spring is coming and I will have a long stretch of daylight after I get home from work now.

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