Monday Musings

This will be one of my weird posts with random thoughts I type as I think of them. I have no idea how many there will be or what the will say. It’s a live look at the inner workings of my mind.

While my son was home for dinner last night something came up about retirement. I used that to once again mention I should quit my job(they think I’m kidding. I’m not). He pointed out that I wouldn’t be retired, I would be unemployed. I feel like if I’m over 50 and voluntarily unemployed it should count as retired even if I’m no getting retirement benefits. I’m willing to use air quotes when I say I’m “retired”

Speaking of jobs, I just saw that Public Enemy fired Flavor Flav. Maybe I don’t need to be “retired.” I just need to take his spot in Public Enemy. I’m willing to wear a clock.

I’m watching the Walking Dead. I think it’s odd that in the beginning, they had to rub zombie guts all over them to mask the human smell when around them. Now the Whisperers just have to wear a zombie’s face over their face to get the zombies to leave them alone like they are looking at them to determine how tasty they would be instead of smelling them. Have they evolved?

Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar dropped out of the primary today. It seems they will both endorse Biden. There is a very good chance that we will have a Biden vs Trump general election. Those debates will be fun. Two confused old men rambling incoherently for a couple of hours. The winner decided by who stays awake the entire time. Fun.

I suddenly find myself with an upcoming four days home alone. I will have to work two of those days, but I will have two days off with no one else around. I could do something fun, but I will most likely buy myself some bourbon, order take out and self-quarantine myself. You are welcome, world.

Some afternoon news today reminded me that life can change and/or end unexpectedly. It makes it even clearer that I need to stop spending my days in a place that makes me sad and sometimes physically ill. Thus, taking me back to my first thought. It might be time for me to “retire”.

And that ends my terrible, meandering post. Maybe I will have one coherent thought for a post tomorrow,


4 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. Unemployed is someone who is trying to actively get another job. Retired is someone who chooses to no longer work. You can be retired at 42 if you were a police officer or other civil servant who is eligible for a pension after twenty years service

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  2. You’re retired if you voluntarily leave the work force and are not looking for work, and whether you have a pension or not doesn’t enter into it. I was self-employed. I closed my business, and all I had were IRAs that I couldn’t start withdrawing funds from until after a certain age without incurring some kind of penalty. No pension fund other than Social Security. As long as you can make ends meet, it’s all good.

    Another thought: You thoughts about the election were depressing.

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