What’s Good in Tater Town 3/1/20

My birthday is done. My four day weekend is in the past. It was my first week in a while that I worked a schedule that did not shield me from the negativity and toxicity of my daily life. It’s exhausting. Let’s see what good I can find.

  1. The week started with a relaxing Sunday at home with no obligations.
  2. A meeting on Monday was canceled. A canceled meeting is a good meeting.
  3. I did an outreach table at the local community center Tuesday. It is always good to get out of the branch and into the community.
  4. My son came home for dinner Tuesday night and we watched Zombieland Double Tap.
  5. Kentucky basketball keeps winning.
  6. I got a reprieve from toxic people on Thursday.
  7. We filmed a video for my work’s social media Thursday morning. I think it turned out well. You can see it here – Tater’s acting debut
  8. I got up early yesterday and went to College Gameday with my daughter and then took her to lunch. You can see pictures in my post from yesterday.

I think that’s it for the week. We are getting close to spring and longer days. One more week and I will have two hours of daylight after I get home from work. My days might still suck, but at least I will be able to get outside more after work. That should help.

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