My Week in Books, Movies and TV 2/28/20

It was back to a normal week for me.  No days off. No plans after work. This means more days with time alone after work which means more time for reading and watching.

Movies – We watched Escape Plan: The Extractors Sunday night because that is the type of move my wife loves to watch. I can’t say much about it as I kept myself distracted and probably slept through portions of it. What I saw seemed like the typical, very bad second sequel to a movie that never needed a first. I like Stallone. I wish he would do better movies. My son came home for dinner Sunday night and we watched Zombieland: Double Tap. I loved Zombieland. My son loved Zombieland. We were either going to love this or hate it. There would be no in between. The good news is that we loved it. It was just as fun as the first one. The new additions to the cast worked. There was a good plot. It was funny. The end scene was great. Watch it.

TV – I’m still in”desperately trying to keep the DVR from being full” mode so I am mainly watching shows I’ve recorded. I watched the new episode of The Walking Dead and I’m afraid I am leaning in the direction of “the show isn’t that good anymore.” There are still some very good episodes, but too many are just meh. I’ve given so much time to it, though, that I will likely watch to the end. I finally watched the first episode of Lincoln Rhym: Hunt for the Bone Collector. It is based on the books by Jeffrey Deaver. Lincoln Rhyme is a top detective who is paralyzed while tracking the bone collector. Three years later the killer might be back and Rhyme goes back to being a detective using a young beat cop as his eyes. I liked the first episode and will watch more. The cast is really good and I like the storyline.

Books – I finished two books this week.

The Museum of Desire by Jonathan Kellerman – This is the 35th book in the Alex Delaware series and Kellerman is still going strong. I love Alex and Milo and always look forward to the next book. This one did not disappoint.

Sanctuary by Caryn Lix – This is a teen book my daughter loved. It takes place on a prison in space where the prisoners are all superpowered teens. The main character is a junior guard and the daughter of the commander of the prison. When she is taken hostage by the prisoners she soon discovers things are not necessarily the way the powers that be claimed they were. I enjoyed the book. I liked the characters. The story was good. I felt it went a little too long. I started to get antsy for the end with about 75 pages to go. Still iffy on reading the sequel.

On Deck – If we watch a movie this weekend it will probably be Shaft. It was on HBO recently and I recorded it even though I could just watch it on the app. My son makes fun of me for this. I would like to watch All the Bright Places on Netflix but may wait for my daughter’s spring break for that one. TV will still be watching random shows on my DVR. I’m reading Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse for my speculative fiction book club at work.

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