What’s Good in Tater Town 2/23/20

It’s pretty easy to do one of these after a four day weekend and then a Friday off. It will get harder next week when I work a normal week and have no meetings out of the branch,

  1. As mentioned above, I had a four day weekend since Monday was a holiday and Tuesday was my birthday leave day.
  2. The kids were both here for dinner Sunday night and we went out to a good seafood place to celebrate my wife’s birthday.
  3. The free birthday food continued Monday with free subs at Firehouse subs.
  4. Tuesday was my day off alone. I watched TV, got my free birthday sandwich at Mission BBQ, and just relaxed and tried not to think about the stressful stuff.
  5. I didn’t work until 1 on Wednesday so I got a bonus few hours off before going back to work.
  6. I only had two days of work and then my Friday off because I worked Saturday.
  7. I went to Panera for my free birthday pastry. I also got coffee and sat and read for a little while.
  8. After some cleaning when I got home, I took some more time to relax and read. Those days make me long for retirement.
  9. One last stop Friday night on the free birthday food tour. This time and entree at Houlihans.
  10. One last week of limited exposure to toxic people.

One more day off today and then back to normal life.

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