My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 2/21/20

I had a four day weekend so plenty of time to read and watch TV. The trick is remembering what I read and watched.

Movies – We watched Harriet Sunday night while the kids were home. We are not generally a biopic family. My wife likes action movies and others lack the attention span. Everyone actually wanted to watch this one. It was a very good movie. I didn’t realize how little I actually knew about Harriet Tubman. I usually get restless during long dramas, but this one held my interest. We also watched Terminator: Dark Fate. I loved the first two Terminator movies and was excited about this one but then worried when it didn’t do well. I thought it was a good addition to the series. If you liked the first two movies you would like this one. I guess the really bad ones they did after the first two soured people on the series. It’s unfortunate. I think the new direction could have spawned a few more decent movies. I also watched Coach Carter because it was on TV. I love a good sports movie. I had forgotten that Channing Tatum was in the movie. It’s always fun to stumble on someone’s first movie.

TV –  We spent a lot of time watching shows I DVR and save to watch with my daughter. I’m happy Brooklyn 99 is back and still as good as ever. The Party of Five reboot is still surprisingly good. Even my wife loves it and she is not typically a family drama fan. The plan for the rest of the week was to keep watching shows on the DVR but then Netflix announced that season three of On My Block was being released next month. I loved season one, but never remembered to watch the second season, so I spent this week watching it and finished last night. I still love it. The actors are very good The story is compelling with a good mix of humor and drama. I love how it shows everyone as real people, even the gang members. It’s so easy to show gangs as villains with no humanity. It’s harder to do what On My Block does which is show both sides of it – the danger and the family. If you haven’t watched binge it now so you are ready for season three next month.

Books – I read two books this week.

Dig by AS King – This one won the Printz Award for young adult literature. It took me a while to get into it. I think that was because there were really short snippets about multiple characters so it was hard for me to really get invested to start. Some of the characters also didn’t have real names to start. I almost gave up, but read a little more. It did turn out to be a very good book. I’m glad I stuck with it. I won’t give any sort of plot summary because it is hard to explain without spoiling the book.

They Called Us Enemy by George Takei – This is the graphic novel story of Takei’s family being held in internment camps after Pearl Harbor. I’ve been meaning to read this since I saw him talk at a conference. I liked it. It is a quick read and a good way to learn about his experience in a part of history a lot of people don’t know much about.

On Deck – We still need to watch the Escape Plan movie I mentioned last week. Zombieland: Double Tap is on hold for me a the library. I  also have Last Christmas and The Good Liar. I’m not sure I want to watch either of them. I’m reading The Museum of Desire by Jonathan Kellerman. It is the latest Alex Delaware book. I still love them 35 books in. The biggest TV for me this week is the return of The Walking Dead. I might try Gentefied on Netflix at some point this week as well.

2 thoughts on “My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 2/21/20

  1. I thought Harriet was average. While her performance was good, the movie was uneven. Though…read The Water Dancer (it’s not about Harriet but it’s a great book centered around this time in history)

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