My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 1/31/20

I managed to actually watch a movie this week. I watched the same movie twice. That’s what happens when both kids want to watch the movie but are home at different times. As my movie and TV watching increased my reading decreased. Funny how that works.

Movies – As I mentioned above, we watched a movie and then I watched it again when my son was home. That movie was Joker. My kids and I liked it a lot. My wife thought it was a little slow. Joaquin Phoenix did a great job in the lead role. I hope this Joker shows up in the new Batman movies at some point. I definitely recommend this one. I’ve now watched three of the Oscar nominated movies this year. That’s unusual for me.

TV – We did watch a lot of TV thus week in an effort to clear the space on the DVR now that we are back to me saving shows for my daughter while she was away. We did watch one new show this week – 911 Lone Star. We don’t watch 911, mainly because it started before I had the upgraded DVR and I couldn’t record it because of other shows. The new one stars Rob Lowe as a firefighter who is the sole survivor of a FDNY company that perished on 9/11. He is asked to move to Austin to rebuild a company there after an explosion kills all but one of them. We watched the first three episodes in one night so I would say that we liked it. I’ve always liked Rob Lowe. That probably helped.

Books – I finished one book this week – Look Both Ways by Jason Reynolds. I really like Jason Reynolds. This was the first book of his that I read and had a general “meh” feeling about. It is a middle grade book with ten short stories about kids over ten blocks around their middle school. It wasn’t a bad book. It was a quick read. It just didn’t hold my attention the way the rest of his stuff has.

On Deck – I’m reading Redshirts by John Scalzi. We have Gemini Man from the library and will probably watch it tonight. There are no new things coming up on TV. I will watch the Super Bowl Sunday night but I have no rooting interest in either team. I don’t even hate one of the enough to feel strongly that I want them to lose. I hope the commercials are good.

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