A #girldad Post

One of the things that resulted from Kobe Bryant’s death was the multitude of posts from people about being a girl dad. I loved seeing the posts from dad’s with their daughters but I didn’t post one of my own. I have a son and a daughter and I felt the girl dad thing was more of a thing for dads with only daughters. I’m a girl dad. I’m also a boy dad. I’m just a dad. I have decided to post a couple of pictures that I feel are representative of my life as the dad of a girl. Being a dad of my girl meant hours at a dance studio, learning a dance and dancing in costume in front of strangers at a recital every May. I would only have done that for her. There is even video evidence. I’m sure she will hate that I’ve shared these again.

Being a dad is the most important job I have. My kids have made me look good by becoming very good people as adults.

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