Hermit Dreams

I’ve joked for years that my goal in life was to become a hermit. Not a real hermit. I still want my family around. I still want to see the handful of real friends I have. I still want to leave the house to do things. I just want to only leave the house when I want to do the things I want. I don’t want leaving the house to feel like the biggest mistake I make every day.  I don’t want to feel physically ill about the thought of leaving the house and dealing with my day to day life. It is only a dream, though My hermit dreams could only come true with one of the following:

Finding a way to get paid to work from home – I work in a field where this is pretty much impossible. I have a public service job. I would have to find a way to provide information to people from home. I’m sure there is a way. I’m also sure it is already covered by others and would be impossible for me.

Suddenly be good enough at writing to get paid to do it – That ain’t happening.

Wy wife decides she makes enough money for me to “retire” immediately – I can’t see this happening. Especially not with a kid still in college. Also, not from a person who plans to keep working after she is retirement eligible. She doesn’t get why people want to retire young. She likes her job and enjoys going to work. Anything else seems odd to her.

Win the lottery – Not much less likely than the one above, but I’m not dumb enough to think I would ever win the lottery even if I bought tickets all the time. It’s nice to dream though.

So, I will keep dreaming of the day when I can stay home and deal with people on my own terms and when I want. I will dream of the day when I can leave toxic people behind me. I will keep looking for a change that will still be leaving the house, but a more positive experience that won’t mess with my retirement date.

I will also try to stop writing about this over and over. I had another thought about a post yesterday, but it was gone when I woke up this morning, I really need to start taking notes.

2 thoughts on “Hermit Dreams

  1. What is the earliest you could retire? How many more years? Could you get a job that uses your library background in more of a research way that wouldn’t entail going in to an office every day, just maybe three days a week if that?


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