A Brief Look at Some of Tater’s Decade

The decade is almost over. There have been all sorts of “best of” lists for the decade. I can’t remember enough stuff to do one of those. I can remember some milestones for me over the last 10 years.

  • Two kids graduated from high school and we became empty-nesters. I’m still adjusting to all of that alone time. I think it would be easier if my time away from home wasn’t so depressing.
  • I left the jail after 19 years. Some days I think that perhaps this wasn’t as good as I thought at the time. I might be happier today if I still had my jail schedule and a job where people trusted me to do my job and left me alone.
  • My mom died. I still don’t think I’ve healed from that.
  • I transferred to a different workplace about a month after that. Possible my biggest mistake ever.
  • My son graduated from college and has a real job. He comes home for dinner most weeks. We see him more now than we did when he was in school.
  • I started this blog and have been off and on with my posting. Hoping to get back to on in the new year.
  • I went to the Super Bowl in New Orleans and watched my Ravens win after a power outage in the stadium delayed the game.
  • We went to the Final Four in Indianapolis where I watched my undefeated Kentucky Wildcats lose to Wisconsin.
  • We went to multiple interesting locations for my wife’s work.
  • We went to Norway, England, and France to celebrate high school graduations.
  • We traveled some inside the US.

Overall, it was a pretty good decade. The last three years or so of the decade have not been my friend. Here’s hoping the roaring 20’s turns things around.

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