Some Mondays are Very Monday

I stayed up late last night watching the Ravens beat the Patriots on Sunday Night Football. I got a little less than seven hours of sleep. That’s not terrible. I would like to get eight hours, but if I can hit seven I feel like I’m OK. A little less than seven and I’m verging on struggling the next day. So, I started out the day in a less than stellar way. It went downhill from there.

I just deleted a paragraph because I don’t think I should write about why this Monday was a very Monday Monday for reasons mentioned here.

It’s very hard to come home and write anything when your day sucks. It used to be that the blogging helped me deal with the stress of the day. Now the stress of the day is winning and I spend a lot of time staring at a blank screen. It’s also hard to write when you are boring. If I could think of interesting stories from my past it would be easier. I have no interesting stories left.

So, I can’t write about my stress because I’m not anonymous. I have no interesting stories to tell. I guess I need to do more posts about politics or TV or just give up.

One thought on “Some Mondays are Very Monday

  1. Don’t give up! I enjoy your TV posts, even though I watch very little TV. Perhaps moreso because I don’t watch much network TV. I’d like to read more than a couple of sentences about some of the new shows you like, or even don’t really like, as well as the ones you’ve been watching regularly for some time. You often mention actors whose work you like, and the names don’t mean anything to me. Maybe talk about some of them and the various things they’ve worked on. You really enjoy TV, so maybe writing about something you enjoy would help with the stress from your daily grind. Your political posts are good too, and there’s constant fodder for them.


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