What’s Good in Tater Town 11/3/19

Generally a good week. Some of the same stuff I deal with on a weekly basis, but events kept me away from the worst of it this week.

  1. My son came home for dinner Monday night and it was the one night of the week my wife didn’t work late.
  2. I took notes for an event at work Tuesday night so I worked off hours and out of the branch.
  3. Leftover Mission BBQ from the event for me and the branch.
  4. Another out of branch training Wednesday meant being away from stressors and gelato at the farmer’s market after.
  5. People actually attended the true-crime thing I did at the library.
  6. Halloween at work is fun. People dress up and take life a little less seriously than usual.
  7. I was home and not at work Halloween night after three years in a row of working.
  8. I worked on Friday instead of Saturday this week. A full weekend off is always good.
  9. Dinner and drinks out with friends Friday night.
  10. Mowed for probably the last time for the season on Saturday.

No out of branch stuff this week to break up my time but I am flying to Kentucky Saturday morning si I have something to look forward to.


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